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Home Mass Buyers story began decades ago on the countryside in Brazil, where I grew up. As a child I was surrounded by construction and real estate through my father, grandfather and great grandfather.

Initially I began construction at the age of fifteen. At first, I just helped my grandfather with his company.

I gained immense knowledge throughout this journey. Then, twenty years ago, I moved to Boston to continue my family’s legacy. I continued building houses on the North Shore, once I arrived in Boston.

After mastering building and construction, I became a project manager.

Then I began to see; so many new homes going up and so many people losing their homes.

I began to learn how many people were in stressful situations and struggling with properties that they could no longer afford, whatever the reason.

My first client was so grateful that I helped them out of their situation; that it truly touched my heart, and I decided that this is what I wanted to do.

After my first real estate investment project, I didn’t look back. Through real estate investment I have personally helped clients on Pre-Foreclosure, Tax Liens, Probates, Distress Properties and countless other situations in order to move on with their lives.

Here we are today, Home Mass Buyers is a family own company with dozens of grateful clients later. How can we help you?


Our Mission

“To integrate humanity with business and to help people get back time for the things that matter”


Our Core Values

1. Stay focused on our Mission                

2. A Win-Win Scenario

3. Have humanity while doing business

4. Be Creative to solve our clients problems

5. Transparency

6. Be Consistent and Predictable


Our Team

Home Mass Buyers

Rafael Zanette

Home Mass Buyers Founder/CEO

He’s passionate about helping people and bringing smiles to others faces, 

also he loves Yoga, Rock Climbing and Hiking.

Phone Number: (617) 657-3524


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How Home Mass Buyers Work With Homeowners

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Home Mass Buyers

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